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13 May 1985
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First of all, hello! Most people around here call me Kikuko (or Kiku for short). I'm not the most interesting person in the world, but I do love to write...so don't expect this journal to go without an update for too long! I also do a little bit of translating--almost exclusively the work of my favorite band in the entire world, Janne Da Arc. They have so much to do with my online life, in fact, that I am almost willing to bet that's probably how you found yourself here.

I am currently living in Japan, as of August 2008, where I am doing what most people do who speak English and also have ambitions to live here do, and that is teaching. I admit that I do not talk about work too horrendously much, though I also cannot say this is entirely a fandom journal, either.

I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese Language, for which I totally burned myself out on formal study for the time being; so I am mostly doing that strange thing that people do sometimes called "having fun while still being aware of and following something resembling responsibility".

I listen to a bunch of bands, even though I am not going to lie--I talk about Janne Da Arc the most.
Lately, I have also noticed that I have a not-so-secret love for Japanese songs written before I was born, mostly in the '70s and '80s--not too bad for someone who started out as a big visual-kei fan, huh?

If you're in for some good discussions about Japanese literature, especially postmodern literature, this might be a place for you, even though I only ramble on about books from time to time. Well, okay, just literature in general--I'm not that specialized. We even sometimes get some comics in here from time to time. For more book rambles and reviews, check my page on Goodreads.

I post many song and article translations here. If you steal them, there will be very hurty objects thrown your way. Do not, under any circumstances, post them anywhere without my knowledge and permission.

~My Wonderful Minions~
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I love all of you. <3

Blog Translations:
kiyo_blog: kiyo, keyboardist of Janne da Arc.
you_jda_blog: you, guitarist of Janne da Arc, and solo artist.
shuji_blog: shuji, drummer of Janne da Arc and drumming god.

Song Translations and various interviews are currently located in my journal memories.

My fandom is full of the most awesome, wonderful people. I'd name you all, but my memory isn't that good.

--Set List [Lives!]--
2008.08.20 kiyo露天風呂#10 @ Harajuku Ameba Studio
2008.09.11 kiyo露天風呂#11 @ Harajuku Ameba Studio
2008.09.23 新興宗教楽団NoGoD @ Kawasaki CLUB CITTA
2008.10.08 kiyo露天風呂#12 @ Harajuku Ameba Studio
2008.11.16 you Tour LIFE ~the third movement~ @ HEAVEN'S ROCK Kumagaya
2008.12.26 ZANY ZAP CROSS #2 @ Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL (SINCREA/MANNEQUIN/Golden Bomber)
2008.12.28 heidi. @ Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
2009.02.14 PENICILLIN 2009 Tour SUPERNOVA @ Shibuya O-EAST
2009.05.02 X Japan WORLD TOUR Live in TOKYO @ Tokyo Dome
2009.06.03 heidi. 3rd Anniversary Live @ 日本青年会館
2009.06.06 heidi. In-Store Mini-Live Event @ Tower Records Shibuya
2009.10.06 Acid Black Cherry 2009 Tour "Q.E.D." @ Omiya Sonic City Hall
2009.10.13 Acid Black Cherry 2009 Tour "Q.E.D." @ Hamamatsu Act City
2009.11.02 Acid Black Cherry 2009 Tour "Q.E.D." @ Nippon Budokan
2009.12.29 heidi. Live Tour "Panorama" @ Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
2010.06.05 DAMIJAW Tour "I AM" @ HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心
2010.09.06 Acid Black Cherry 2010 Live "Re:birth" @ Yokohama Arena
2010.09.08 Acid Black Cherry 2010 Live "Re:birth" @ Yokohama Arena
2010.10.30 HALLOWEEN PARTY 2010 @ Makuhari Messe (VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/BREAKERZ)
2010.12.31/2011.1.1 DAMIJAW COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011 ゆく年くる年筆おろし @ Shibuya DUO MUSIC EXCHANGE
2011.01.25 Acid Black Cherry Event "The Sixth Sense" @ Zepp Tokyo (Acid Black Cherry/PENICILLIN/DEAD END/QUINTILLION QUIZ)
2011.07.23 ABC Dream Cup Free Live @ Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest
2011.10.21 VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011 @ Makuhari Messe (VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/BREAKERZ)
2011.11.12 DAMIJAW Tour Be With You!!!! @ HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心
2011.11.29 DAMIJAW Tour Be With You!!!! @ Shibuya O-WEST
2011.12.25 Acid Black Christmas 2011 @ Osaka-jo Hall
2011.12.31~2012.1.1 DAMIJAW COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 ゆく年くる年筆おろし 2 @ Shinjuku BLAZE
2012.04.27 Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Public Rehearsal @ さいたま市文化センター大ホール
2012.06.21 Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 Live @ Pacifico Yokohama
2012.07.18 Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 @ Nippon Budokan
2012.07.20 Acid Black Cherry Tour 2012 @ Nippon Budokan

2012.07.29 DAMIJAW Tour "made from your heart" @ HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心
2012.09.02 DAMIJAW Tour "made from your heart" @ SHIBUYA-AX
2012.10.28 HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 @ Makuhari Messe
2012.12.11 Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary "Erect"@ Yoyogi
2012.12.13 Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary "Erect"@ Yoyogi
2013.1.9 Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 5th Anniversary "six-nine" @ Nippon Budokan

2013.4.18 DAMIJAW Tour "Be With You!!!!!!!2 @ HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin
2013.5.18 DAMIJAW Tour "Be With You!!!!!!!2 @ Shibuya O-EAST

いつまでも We Are Janne!!

I also am Mistress of LiveJournal's Janne Da Arc community, heavens_place. For Great Justice.


そのほか、私の好きなバンドはAcid Black Cherry, X, BUCK-TICK, Foo Fighters,などなど。ちょっと古い作品も好きになった。(1980時代とか)いつも喜んで新しいバンドを聴いてみますので、宜しく!m(_)m

大好きの曲:ジャンヌダルクのJudgement,MALICE MIZER のBel Air、色々ありますけどね~

kiyo_blog Janne Da Arc のkiyoさんの「kiyo風呂」。
you_jda_blog Janne Da Arc のyouさんのブログ。
shuji_blog Janne Da Arc のshujiさんのブログ。


&hearts 皆様~

私は heavens_place というのLivejournalのJanneコミュニティーの女主人でございます~

1980s nikkatsu porno, acid black cherry, agent x, anime, art, arthurian legends, banana yoshimoto, bara no konrei, battle royale, blue envelopes, books, buck-tick, butterflies, captain america, chisato, chow chows, chrono cross, chrono trigger, comics, comics boyfriends, count cain, cowboy bebop, crack 6, crack6, damijaw, edgar allan poe, emma frost, english, final fantasy, final fantasy 4, final fantasy 6, final fantasy vi, foo fighters, foreign films, frank castle, george carlin, glay, gordon ramsay, haruki murakami, heath, heidi., hide, inappropriateness, janne da arc, japan, japanese, japanese postmodern literature, japanese rock, jeans with laces, jun-ji, ka-yu, kansai-ben, kaori yuki, kimono, kitty pryde, kiyo, kiyo's incredible adorableness, kiyo's little hands, kozi, kozo murashita, lareine, law and order, les miserables, macabre stories, mai kuraki, malice mizer, manga, minions, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mr. bean, murakami ryu, music, mythology, penicillin, perverted thoughts, pet shop of horrors, pink film, playing cards, psycho le cemu, queen, reading, renaissance clothing, roses, rowan atkinson, rpgs, ryu murakami, sailormoon, schwarz stein, sex, sex tech, shuji, shuse, sincrea, singing, spelling my interests correctly, the astonishing x-men, the punisher, the word fuck, translating, trigun, vintage erotica, visual kei, visual rock, white queen, wolverine, x, x japan, x-men, xenogears, xenosaga, yasu, yasu's orgasmic hotness, yasunori hayashi, yoshiki, you, yu~ki, ジャンヌダルク, ピンク映画、ロマンポルノ, 下ネタ, 下埜正太, 村下孝蔵, 林保徳, 美少女戦士セーラームーン, 関西弁


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